Authorization and authentication online in clicks for protecting your digital workflow

Although many people are moving towards paperless workflow, the prejudice surrounding electronic documents' unreliability remains. The rise in cybercrime only increases its popularity. In fact, working with digital materials is more reliable than paper. For example, by using the cloud to store PDF files, your files won't disappear if something happens to your device, while anything can happen to paper. Of course, you should adhere to some rules to protect yourself from data breach and fraud.

Check out some helpful tips below to run your business online securely:

Encrypt PDF. There is no need to store the essential docs in safes if you can simply add password to PDF. Even if files fall into the hands of unauthorized parties, it will be impossible to find out what information is inside.
Authorization and authentication. An additional method of protection helps to prevent unwelcome interference. If you configure it, you can easily control who has access to your files. To set up extra authorization, just indicate the list of persons using emails, SMS, etc. You can even require recipients to take a photo with their webcam for identity authentication.
Document's history. If you choose solutions to close deals online and sign a document, check service for a feature that tracks all data about changes in the doc, including time and place. Put your signature and feel confident knowing that they have the same legal force as paper-based.

Our service has many security tools to make your digital document management safe and sound.

How to use security tools with our online solution?

You need just upload a PDF and configure document security. Use several stages of protection at once as applicable. Come up with a complex password and send the doc to the recipient or save it to your device.